Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fairy Tale Land

My trip to Italy and Turkey was absurdly helpful in helping me with a story that I've been writing (a fairy tale). It seemed everywhere we went added a place, character, or subplot. I was kept busy writing it all down as fast as I could.(Will post more pictures later. . .)

This is the castle (Sienna and Milan)

This is the staircase to the Wizard's Tower (Sienna)

Magical Blue Pools (Pumukkale, Turkey)

Whimsey the Amber-Eyed Owl (Lake Como)


Summer Castle (Lake Como)

Sultan's Palace (Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, actual Sultan's Palace--Istanbul)

Tombs of the Ancestors (Hierapolis)


Annette Lyon said...

Ho-ly Wow. Talk about a writer's DREAM vacation! I'll be drooling over these pictures for some time.

Ashley Katherine Lloyd said...

So beautiful and so fun to see your inspiration!

Hannah said...

That is so awesome, Sarah! I love being able to see the story from your eyes now. Thanks again for talking with me yesterday. You really brightened my day...but then, you always do that.

Annalisa said...

wonderful!! looks great!!

Ryan and Lori said...

Wow. What neat photos! It's great to get to see a few of the sites along "with" you. Thanks for posting about your fun...we'll look forward to that book!

Winters Family said...

Looks amazing! So glad you got to go!!!

Meggen said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing these! I can only imagine what a great feast this was for your imagination! I am sure the ideas are flowing quickly! Keep the posts coming!

Holly said...

Yeah I'm excited to see some pictures. So glad you had a wonderful trip.