Monday, October 20, 2008

Reba, Kelly, Rachael, Kelsey and Me

Adding events to my job has been stressful, but has also has great perks. For instance, our Jazz Suite sponsors get one concert a year included in their package and as the event director I had to go! I took my niece Rachael for her birthday and when we ended up with one extra ticket, my co-worker Kelsey came along to help out.

The concert featured Reba McIntire and Kelly Clarkson. A strange combination of styles, I know, but it ended up being a very cool mix. I know Reba from my Rick's days (I had a house cleaning job with a friend who was a big country fan, so that's what we listened to)and I know Kelly's most famous hits, but there's nothing like hearing people with "real deal" voices perform live. The best part was that they didn't just take turns but both sang each other's songs.

I sat on a broken chair, messed up the seating chart and about died when Reba ended the concert with "Fancy" (that is such a terrible song) but we had a tremendously fun time!


Annette Lyon said...

Now THAT is a fun job!

Annalisa said...

wow. i'm glad all the good outweighed the bad. makes for good memories.

Blondie said...

For the past few years I have considered myself a recovering country music fan. Country was all I listened to in my college years but these days songs about trucks make me crazy.

That is except for Reba. I love her stuff--even when she sings about trucks.

How totally cool that you were able to go to that concert!

Nick and Ashley said...

Reba and Kelly huh? I don't like the one they sing together on the radio. But I really do like them seperately! Nick took me a Kelly Clarkson concert a couple years ago. Loved it! Glad you guys had fun!

Naoma SW said...

That looks like a ton of fun!! You deserved having a good time with all that you do at you job... That boss of yours is quite the tyrant I hear! ;)