Sunday, February 24, 2008

75 Degrees and Blue Skies

I'd originally planned on making the trip out to Austin to visit my brother and his family last April, then it got re-scheduled for the fall, and I finally ended up going earlier this month--which was fine with me because it provided an escape from the endless snowstorms battering the Wasatch Front into spring-like temperatures and blue skies

My brother Mark and my sister-in-law Laura are the ultimate hosts and I had an amazing time. The first morning, Laura and I went running outside (because we COULD) and I literally gasped with pleasure at the 75 degree weather and continued wallowing in it for the rest of the trip.

I like to explore when I travel--so Mark, Laura and Nate (my nephew) and I trekked all over the place. I was initiated into Texas BBQ and Texas history and the Wii (I moved up from a Wannabe to a Rising Star in Song Star but didn't do as well in the bowling!)

We also went down to San Antonio and saw the Alamo. Davy Crockett was my family's very first video and I watched it dozens of times as a kid, so I enjoyed seeing that. But the best part of San Antonio was floating down and strolling along the River Walk. I'd never even heard of the River Walk, and suddenly I was standing in Venice with picturesque street fronts on either side of a river.

My family always sang in the car on road trips, so on the way back to Austin we taught Nate "Fried Ham" and the America round. I also taught them "I've Never" which Nate liked because he'd done the least and so he usually won.

Other highlights were going to a resturant right on a lake, playing lazer tag and doing some fun shopping at amazing outlets (I got some super-on-sale boots.) Also watching Nate's b-ball game and running four miles with him on the elementary school track--at his insistence! But mostly I loved just having the chance to hang out and talk.

I was also able to meet up with my 4-year Arizona friend and roommate Karin (her husband was stationed in Texas for a few months). We went to the Innerspace Caverns and dinner and I got to catch up on the last several years with them!

Anyway--I had a ball and came back feeling re-humanized!


TmeggenT said...

Sam, I'm so glad you had the opportunity to get away and feel rejuvenated. Those times are very necessary for everyone! You have such a great family and I love hearing about how close you are to your siblings. You are a wonderful auntie, sister, daughter, and friend! Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with each of us! Love you tons, woman!

BTW, drop me an email sometime and tell me what races you are doing this year. Maybe we can meet up! °Ü°

Reb said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures. I'm glad you had such a great time!

Nick and Ashley said...

I was wondering tne other day about your old roomie. Fun to hear she is doing well. I've heard of the River Walk and hope I get to enjoy that some day! I'm glad you had so much fun!

Naoma SW said...

I need to be rehumanized!!! It sounds like you had a great time and I am glad that you got to get away from the cold. At least it is starting to warm up! =)

drb42 said...

Sarah, Your Blog is cool! I like it. I just want you to know that I started one. it isn't that cool yet, but I am slowly working on it!

Melinda and Chris said...

Sarah!! You are so cute!
How have you been? I miss seeing you all the time!

Annette Lyon said...

What a great trip--and such awesome pictures!

However, I still don't get the thrill of running. Don't think I ever will.

Loved seeing you this last weekend!