Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rings of the Tree

I recently went to a play with a friend of mine, and she was shocked to find out about my theatrical past. My original plan was for a double major in English and Theater, but by the end of my second year at Ricks I had decided against it. Ironically, that same semester, I was taking a directing class and my professor took me aside and told me that I had a real talent for directing. I was flattered (he was an amazing director himself and never gave out false praise) but still felt like that part of my life had come to a close.

I have been a faithful audience member ever since (except for performing in the Easter Pageant in Arizona) until a couple of weeks ago, when my brother asked me to direct his senior project at UVSC, a play he'd written called Rings of the Tree. At first I was really unsure, work was really hectic and I knew that committing to a play is like taking on a second full-time job. Besides, I hadn't been directly involved in a play for 13 years! But after I read the script, I couldn't resist. A Jane Austen-style romance with a twist? It was just too tempting! The things my brothers get me to do!

I've slipped into it like I'd never been away. The cast is good, the script is good and I have an amazing stage manager who takes care of all the pesky logistics so that I am free to be creative. I've been having a blast with it (although I AM tired) and have laughed until my sides hurt. I'd forgotten how fun drama-people are!

I'd love for everyone to come and see it. It plays from September 6-8 at 7:30 (with an additional 2 pm matinee on Saturday the 8th) at the Black Box at UVSC. You can get tickets by calling the Campus Connection 801-863-8337 or at the door. Other runs of his plays have sold out, so come a little earlier if you want to get them at the door.

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