Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independence Day

I love Provo on the 4th of July because it FEELS like a holiday. As I ran in the Freedom 10K along blocked off University Avenue, I looked up to see hot air balloons sailing above us and it felt different. To leisurely chat with my friends as we ran down a street, normally clogged with traffic, passing people of all ages, genders and races sitting outside(have you noticed how no one really sits outside anymore?) took me out of my normal thought patterns and I started noticing things.

I noticed how breathtaking the crevice in the mountains above the temple is. I've looked at it a million times, but yesterday, I really SAW it and it stunned me.

I noticed how much more supportive people are of the armed forces. Or maybe it just feels different to me because I've close friends whose husband's have been deployed, but I noticed that people stood and cheered for the military and the flag in a more heartfelt way than before. The patriotic songs and the pledge of alligence also seem more meaningful to people. On the other hand, I noticed that people don't seem to know our public officials very well (maybe I observed it more since my dad was in the parade.)

I noticed how much little kids enjoy things. My niece was waving to all the royalty on the floats in the parade and would say excitedly, "The princess waved back!" All the little kids disappeared into the backyard during my sister and brother-in-law's family BBQ and wouldn't desert the slip n' slide even for the amazing food.

I noticed how much more fun events are when you have good seats. To watch the parade with my sister and her family from shaded bleachers and be on the 4th row for the Stadium of Fire with another sister made both of those events. I've never been one to pay more money for better seats, but I may have changed my mind. Thanks Dad!

I also noticed that Disney music seems as "american" as "America, the Beautiful" to me and is the ideal background music for a fireworks show.

Anyway, I'm glad for all that things that made me feel unusually grateful for my home in this country--shaken out of my normal complacency and entitlement attitudes and that made me want to say, "May God continue to bless America!"


Naoma SW said...

I am jealous... But happy that you had such a great fourth! Wish I could have been there but such is life!

samiam said...

I wish that you could've been there too. We missed you!

Em said...

There's nothing like the Provo 4th of July celebration! I miss it. And you!

Annette Lyon said...

What a great day (except for the race part . . . gag, sputter, cough! I couldn't do that!).